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How to Optimize Your Site

We belong to a very competitive time in the world of business. Websites are one of the ways we are adapting to the competition. It is a great way to reach customers remotely. But a website can only do as much if it ranks well on Google since it is the first point of call […]

UX Design Process Made Easy

User Experience (UX) can make or mar a website. Every web designer should know how to give users a smooth feel whenever they are browsing through their sites. It can be problematic for some designers, so we have taken the time to highlight some steps that can simplify it for you. Have a Direction for […]

What is the Difference between Web Development and Website Design?

The two terms Web Development and Web design are easily confused for each other. While they may be closely related, the two phrases differ greatly in their meaning. If you’ve been using them interchangeably, see the differences between them. Website design is just as the name suggests. It involves the design of web pages. It […]

Steps to Improve Your SEO Performance in Canada

Are you looking for ways to boost up your traffic and drive up sales? Of course, you are, sales and profits are the lifelines of any business. You have probably heard of SEO and you have incorporated it in your site, there is room for improvement. Find out how: Research and Use Keywords To improve […]

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