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Serco Int’l Trading Company

Serco International trading was established in UAE, Dubai in 2003 with the goal of becoming an internationally respected brand in the export and import of beauty product, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and FMCG products. During the past 15 years Serco has evolved into a multifaceted international organization which is focused on the below products and services categories:

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Home care & Skin care products
  • Food stuff – Processed food and Agricultural raw grains trading (Import and Export)
  • Chemical Raw material & Healthcare products ingredients
  • Consultancy, design and procurement of manufacturing lines and processing plants

Serco Int. has a commitment to quality, value & timeliness and is accustomed to achieving it every time. We have a dedicated and experienced team that respond to customer orders on a timely manner and ensure to provide them with the best competitive prices. Well-qualified & experienced staff will ensure you uncompromised satisfaction and peace of mind across our supply chain. Serco is dedicated to restoring stronger ties with its existing markets and further building its markets globally.

Our market reach has evolved from the starting with the regional GCC markets into connecting different continents of Europe, Asia, America and Africa thus turning into a truly international presence overcoming the traditional local market boundaries of the Middle East.


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