Choosing Between Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design


Choosing Between Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design

There is a wide range of devices that users can visit your site with. From the smartwatches to mobile phones all the way up to large corporate monitors. And this has created the need to have sites that can adjust to this wide array of devices. Both adaptive and responsive web designs can do this for you, but which is better? Let us help you choose, but first, what are they?

Responsive Design

For this kind of design, it is all about the browser space available. A responsive web design adjusts to browser width by adjusting the positions of the design elements. It is a responsive design that makes a website readjust itself to fit the available website window whenever you maximize or minimize your browser window. This ensures that users get the same web experience on their mobile devices.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive design is just as the name implies, it adapts. It is a step ahead of responsive design in that instead of adjusting the design patterns, it chooses from the multiple fixed layout sizes available to display depending on the accessing device. It is just like the layouts have been prepared and kept and it just chooses the best for each device and browser. Designers do this by developing designs for the six common screen widths.

How do They Compare?

Adaptive design has some advantages when compared with responsive and they are:

  1. Since it picks up the most appropriate page for any device, it makes for a faster loading site. Responsive would take up time trying to adjust the page.
  2. Adaptive design makes for optimized user experience when they browse on different platforms
  3. Adaptive design can capture a wider audience since their needs were put into consideration during the design.

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