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UX Design Process Made Easy

User Experience (UX) can make or mar a website. Every web designer should know how to give users a smooth feel whenever they are browsing through their sites. It can be problematic for some designers, so we have taken the time to highlight some steps that can simplify it for you. Have a Direction for […]

What is the Difference between Web Development and Website Design?

The two terms Web Development and Web design are easily confused for each other. While they may be closely related, the two phrases differ greatly in their meaning. If you’ve been using them interchangeably, see the differences between them. Website design is just as the name suggests. It involves the design of web pages. It […]

What Makes an Effective E-commerce Site

There has been an exponential increase in the number of e-commerce sites over the last decade, and this is partly due to the ease with which it can be done. However, only a few e-commerce sites are truly effective. Here are a few tips to make yours one of those few. Use Branding Users are […]

Choosing Between Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design


Attentive founder and CTO Pedro Araújo talks about what it takes to build a tech new product from the ground up. Discover their approach to running an engineering team, from adopting new open source technologies, to onboarding junior developers and learning