Key Web Design Trends You Must Know


Key Web Design Trends You Must Know

Websites are getting more sophisticated by the day and if you hope to ever be at par with other websites within your niche, then you have to keep up with the trends. 2019 has seen the introduction of new tools that make for great website experience. Find out about them below:

  1. 3D Graphic Art

This tool enables you to transform those flat images in your site into 3D illustrations that create a modern look. What it does is add depth and realism to your site.

  1. Bold Typeface

When readers visit your website, they just skim through most of the time. To help them see what you want them to see, you have to use the bold typeface. To do this, you need discrete use of bold typography.

  1. Fast Loading Websites

There are tools you can use to ensure that your webpage loads faster. Readers place a high emphasis on the loading speed of websites they visit. It has been said that an average reader only allows 20 seconds of loading time before skipping a website. So when experimenting with texts and applications, keep the speed of your website in mind.

  1. Dynamic Video Background

It is the new trend that website designers are using to communicate faster with readers. It is based on using dynamic video backgrounds. These videos contain moving objects arranged in a short sequence. It is more effective in delivering messages than the usual long text.

  1. CSS3 Animation

The program developed by W3Schools is intended to simplify the process of designing a website. It also makes for faster websites as it skips the use of JavaScript that slows that web pages.

  1. Timed Animation

You can use these animations on your site to call users’ attention to important content. If you need any web design services in Toronto, You may call us at- 905 597 7070

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