Steps for Ranking Your Landing Page on Google


Steps for Ranking Your Landing Page on Google

You have created a perfect landing page; the only problem is that the target audience is not viewing it. Is the purpose of the landing page not defeated? I think it is. Creating a great landing page is only preliminary; the main thing is getting it across to the target audience. Find out how you can rank your landing pages on google.

  1. Use Evergreen Keywords

Every niche has them. Keywords that will stand the test of time, something that people will search in the coming decades. Look for such keywords and use the abundantly on your landing page. Also, ensure that the keywords are audience-specific. Don’t just use keywords that will rank your websites. Use keywords that will attract your choice audience. For instance, you can’t be using hip hop keywords in a site that sells Christian materials.

  1. Use Trusted Links

Every niche has them… they are sometimes known as authorities. Create backlinks to authority websites.

  1. Create Audience-Aimed Contents

Just like the keywords, your content should be targeted at your audience, not the search engine because, in the end, it is the audience that will end up transacting with you. When you are targeting your audience, you will not make the mistake of stuffing up your content with excess keywords. Some people sacrifice quality content on the altar of keywords. Learn to strike a balance.

  1. Use High-ranking Keywords

In your choice of keywords, it is important that you target the easy-to-rank ones. When choosing your keywords, ensure they are specific to your niche and cannot be mistaken for other niches keyword. What I’m saying is that if you choose a broad and less competitive keyword, it is possible that there are variations of the keyword that applies to other niches

In conclusion, ensure that your landing page ranks well on Google so that you can reach a wider audience. If you need to hire SEO experts in Toronto, call us : 905 597 7070

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