UX Design Process Made Easy

User Experience (UX) can make or mar a website. Every web designer should know how to give users a smooth feel whenever they are browsing through their sites. It can be problematic for some designers, so we have taken the time to highlight some steps that can simplify it for you.

  1. Have a Direction for the Site

If you are a web designer, you will agree that site design can be complicated sometimes, especially when it is a big site that requires splitting amongst a team. To ensure that the whole team is working towards a unified goal, set a direction for all.

  • Understand the Target Audience

Every site has its target audience. And if you must give them a good experience, you have to know them. You can interview them and find out what they would like to see on your site.

  • Create User Personas

Using the information you gathered, creating user personas that you will have in mind when building your site. When doing this, keep it simple so that you won’t defeat the overall purpose.

  • Map out the Problem

With the information, you have gathered in steps two and three above, decide what the problem is and how best to solve it.

  • Create a Wireframe

The wireframe is the initial draft of your site that you do with a pen and paper. Feel free to revisit the wireframe from time to time until you are sure that it will do just what needs to be done.

  • Use UX Design Software for User Testing

It is possible for you to model your website and have your ideal users run through it and find out what they think. It can also help you spot bottlenecks in your design.

After all of these, you are ready to build your site that is sure to give your users a flexible experience. If you need affordable web design in Toronto or SEO experts in Toronto , you may contact us or call 905 597 7070

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