What is the Difference between Web Development and Website Design?

The two terms Web Development and Web design are easily confused for each other. While they may be closely related, the two phrases differ greatly in their meaning. If you’ve been using them interchangeably, see the differences between them.

  1. Website design is just as the name suggests. It involves the design of web pages. It covers the color scheme, the layouts, the style, maneuverability, and even content. It is the preliminary stage and as such, it should cover the wants and needs of the intended user. A web designer is expected to interact with the ideal persona or target audience to gather the information that will go into the design.

You may consider the website design stage as the preliminary stage. It lays the foundation for web development to come in. As a matter of fact, the contents of the website design stage will greatly influence what happens with the web development stage.

  • Web Development, on the other hand, involves coding and programming. After the design has been done, there is a need to take that design and turn it into a functional website that can interact with users. Web development uses different programming languages to add features like database, login portal, e-commerce payment platforms and most of the cool stuff you see these days on websites.

I should also mention that web development is continuous in nature. It doesn’t stop after the site is launched. It continues throughout the usage of the site.

It is good you now know how they differ from each other. At least now, you will know whose service you require when there is something you wish to do with your website even though a web developer is able to execute website design most times. If you may require web design solutions in Toronto or searching for an experienced SEO company in Toronto , you may contact us or call 905 597 7070

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